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Apr 22


Captain America The Winter soldier End  Credits

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Apr 1

I find it really odd that The Walking Dead (TV show) can have such extreme violence yet no one ever swears.

Fuck knows what will happen when they get to Negan.

Mar 17


"Don’t Save Me" by HAIM.


Ian Somerhalder  | ‘LOST’ 10 years reunion at PaleyFest

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Mar 13

Mar 1

Feb 20

You’re welcome.


You’re welcome.

Feb 14

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Feb 10


Tegan and Sara | Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)

This movie is so amazing. Go watch it now. Everything is freaking awesome! No but seriously this movie is really good.

Feb 2

Jan 25

Jan 21

Jan 18

I know I’m 10 years late but Justice League/Unlimited is such an awesome show.

Jan 11

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